Aluminum 7075 Front C-Hubs & Front Steering Blocks & Rear Stub Axle Carriers Set For Traxxas 1:10 4WD MAXX 89076-4 / 4WD MAXX with WideMAXX 89086-4 Monster Truck Upgrades - Orange

$101.90 USD
  • Made with a quality light weight high tensile strength aluminum 7075 for greater durability. Delrin collars are inserted to minimize the gap and friction so that the steering performance is top rated. Steering Blocks have two positioning holes for tie rods installation to adjust the angle.
  • Stainless steel king pins provided to prevent rustiness and stabilize the smooth rotation. 3D streamline brings a modern and metallic appearance.
  • Package includes : Front c-hubs-2pcs ; King pin-4pcs ; Kncukle arm-2pcs ; Stainless steel round head screw 3x16-2pcs ; Rear stub axle carriers-2pcs.
  • Original stock part number : 8932+8937+8952.
  • Suitable models : Traxxas 1/10 MAXX 4WD Monster Truck (89076-4), 1/10 MAXX with Wide MAXX Monster Truck (89086-4).

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