Special Material Rear Wing Mount With Wheelie Set For Traxxas 1/8 4WD Sledge Monster Truck 95076-4 Upgrades - Black

$67.90 USD
  • A flexible and twistable impact-resistant assembly made out of CNC machined parts is designed to withstand impacts while maintaining its shape and flexibility.
  • The assembly is composed of multiple parts that are machined with precision to ensure proper fit and function. The impact resistant nature of the assembly makes it durable and capable of withstanding harsh environments and high stress conditions.
  • Package includes : Rear wing mount with wheelie set-1pc ; Cap head screws 4*25-4pcs ; 4.0 Lock nut-2pcs ; 4mm Counter sink shims-4pcs. Below parts are pre-installed : Cap head screws 4*10-2pcs ; Cap head screws 4*42-2pcs ; 4.0 Lock nut-2pcs.
  • Original stock part number : 9518.
  • Will fit : Traxxas 1/8 4WD SLEDGE Monster Truck 95076-4

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