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Axial SCX10 II (AX90046, AX90047) Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Tower Adjustable Mount - 1 Set Green

$36.90 USD
  • Product Name : Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Tower Adjustable Mount - 1 Set
  • These shock tower adjustable mounts can be used with GPM optional dampers. The damper height can be set higher or lower lifting up the chassis to avoid rally rocky road. They are specially designed for SCX10 II and are very useful for improving crawling performance, balancing the chassis, stabilizing the steering, and redirecting vibration.
  • Accessories included : Aluminum Collars 3X6X1 - 4pcs, 3X6X2 - 4pcs, 3X6X3 - 4pcs, 3X6X4 - 4pcs, 3X6X6 - 4pcs ; Stainless Steel Button Head Screw 3X14 - 4pcs, 3X16 - 2pcs, 3X18 - 2pcs, 3X20 - 2pcs ; Stainless Steel Flat Head Screw 3X10 - 6pcs, 4X2 ; O-Ring - 4pcs ; Aluminum Posts - 2pcs ; 2.5XM4X15.5 Screw Shaft - 4pcs.
  • Will fit : Axial 1/10 SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee (AX90046, AX90047)

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