Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL (67076-4) Upgrade Parts Front & Rear Aluminum Shocks + Steel #45 Axles + Spring Steel Hex + Rubber Radial Tires (Low Center Of Gravity Set) - 88Pc Set Black

$183.00 USD
  • Shock length is made shorter than original (F: 75mm / R: 80mm) to lower the car height, lowest setting is 6mm from ground. Shock shaft is made thicker than original to achieve greater durability. Spring coil diameter 2.6mm. Extra set of 2.2mm spring coil is provided for more powerful and stable use. Upgrade to this combo to achieve lower center of gravity suitable for more high-speed drive on flat surface roads.
  • CVD shafts are made from Harden Steel #45 combined with aluminum 6061T6 body for more sturdiness and lightweight. Spring steel hex widener for adding 3mm plus 3mm on each side of the wheel (+12mm in total), widened wheel track increases stability of the vehicle. Rubber radial tire provides more precise wheel travel direction.
  • Special Note : When used in SLASH models, due to the lower body height, the car shell will fall down and hit the tires. Please place the provided aluminum collars between the body post and the shock mount to support the car shell. Use different size collars for different adjustment of the shock angle. When the body is at the highest, use front 8mm with rear 12mm collars. When the body is at the lowest, use front 12mm with rear 16mm collars.
  • Package includes : Front Wheel 2pcs ; Rear Wheel 2pcs ; Front CVD 2pcs ; Rear CVD 2pcs ; Spring Steel Hex 4pcs ; Front Shock 2pcs ; Rear Shock 2pcs ; Short Spring 2pcs ; Long Spring 2pcs ; Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x14 4pcs, 3x16 6pcs, 3x20 4pcs, 3x25 2pcs ; Aluminum Collar 3x6x2.5 4pcs, 3x6x8 2pcs, 3x6x12 4pcs, 3x6x16 2pcs ; 3m Collar 4pcs ; 3m Washer 4pcs ; Screw Pin M4x2.5x12 4pcs ; 4x2.5 Silicone O-Ring 4pcs ; 3x3 Screw Shaft 4pcs ; 17mm Adapter 4pcs ; 17mm Adapter Cover 4pcs ; Stainless Steel Lock Nut 5mm 4pcs ; 5mm Metal Washer 4pcs ; 12mm Lock Nut 4pcs.
  • Will fit : 1/10 Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL (67076-4), Slash 4X4, Slash 4X4 LCG, Slash 2WD (Original stock part number : 6864+6867+6851X+6852X+1654X+6871+6872).

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