Metal Gasket Washer Seal Ring Hardware Accessories 280pcs Set For RC Car Boat Parts

$25.90 USD

Made of high quality metal.
Many sizes to meet different needs.
Fill gaps and looseness between parts, such as bearings, screws.

Material: Stainless Steel (silver) Aluminum Alloy (blue)
Total Quantity: 280pcs

Blue Washer Size (φ*Φ*δ)
3*6*0.5mm 10pcs
3*6*1mm 10pcs
3*6*1.5mm 10pcs
3*6*2mm 10pcs

Silver Washer Size (φ*Φ*δ)
3*5*0.1mm 10pcs
4*6*0.1mm 10pcs
5*7*0.1mm 10pcs
6*8*0.1mm 10pcs
7*9*0.1mm 10pcs
8*10*0.1mm 10pcs
10*12*0.1mm 10pcs
12*14*0.1mm 10pcs

3*5*0.2mm 10pcs
4*6*0.2mm 10pcs
5*7*0.2mm 10pcs
6*8*0.2mm 10pcs
7*9*0.2mm 10pcs
8*10*0.2mm 10pcs
10*12*0.2mm 10pcs
12*14*0.2mm 10pcs

3*5*0.3mm 10pcs
4*6*0.3mm 10pcs
5*7*0.3mm 10pcs
6*8*0.3mm 10pcs
7*9*0.3mm 10pcs
8*10*0.3mm 10pcs
10*12*0.3mm 10pcs
12*14*0.3mm 10pcs

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