Medium Carbon Steel 54T Spur Gear 0.8 Module 32 Pitch For Arrma 1:8 VENDETTA 3S / INFRACTION V3 / TYPHON 3S / 1:10 KRATON 4S / SENTON 3S / VORTEKS 3S / OUTCAST 4S / BIG ROCK V3 / GRANITE 3S - Blue

$29.90 USD
  • Made from medium carbon steel for greater durability.
  • Precise measurements for smooth operation.
  • Number of teeth: 54T, modulu: 0.8mm, 32 pitch.
  • Original stock part number : ARA310948.
  • Suitable models : Arrma 1/8 VENDETTA 4X4 3S-ARA4319V3, INFRACTION V3-ARA4215V3, TYPHON 3S-ARA102722 ; 1/10 KRATON 4S-ARA102690, SENTON 3S-ARA102721, VORTEKS 3S-ARA4305V3, OUTCAST 4S-ARA102692, BIG ROCK V3-ARA4312V3, GRANITE 3S-ARA102720.

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