Arrma Nero 6S BLX (AR106009, AR106011) & Fazon 6S BLX (AR106020) Aluminum Front & Rear Magnetic Body Mount - 1 Set Black

$30.90 USD
  • Product Name : Aluminum Front & Rear Magnetic Body Mount - 1 Set
  • Item No. : MAN201FR-BK
  • Color : Black
  • Heavy duty front and rear body shell magnetic mounts with awesome aluminum casing. These body mounts have internal spring design system for greater flexibility and built for terrain ripping action. The springs allow bigger room for movement with a much longer travel. They attach the body shell securely and allow you to install and remove the shell easily in a few seconds. BCM003 Body Clip 4pcs are included.
  • Will fit : ARRMA 1/8 NERO 6S BLX (AR106009, AR106011), 1/8 FAZON 6S BLX (AR106020)

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