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Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Towers + Front (53mm) + Rear (50mm) Oil Filled Dampers For 1/10 Traxxas Ford GT 4-Tec 2.0 83056-4 / 4-Tec 3.0 93054-4 - 28Pc Set Gray Silver

$62.00 USD
  • Made from high quality light weight aluminum 6061T6 for stable performance with great durability. The front and rear dampers are designed with different lengths to achieve optimal balance of the car (front 53mm, rear 50mm). *Special note : Alloy collar 3x6x2 (provided) to be installed at the upper positioning hole of the damper to adjust the tilt angle.
  • Coil thickness is increased from 1.75mm (original) to 2mm for more sturdiness. Damper lengths are shortened from 55mm (original) to 53mm/50mm (front/rear) to reduce the car height from ground (from original 11mm to 8mm) for mode stability during motion. Damper shaft is thickened from 3mm (original) to 3.5mm for more sturdiness and prevent bending. High concentration oil is used to increase stability. Shock towers are designed with multiple positioning holes for adjusting angle of the shocks.
  • Package includes : Front Shock Towers-1pc ; Rear Shock Towers-1pc ; Damper-4pcs ; Stainless Steel Round Head Screws 3x10-8pcs ; Stainless Steel Round Head Screws 3x14-4pcs ; Stainless Steel Round Head Screws 3x6-2pcs ; Stainless Steel Round Head Screw 3x16-4pcs ; Alloy Collar 3x6x2-4pcs.
  • Original stock part number : 8338 + 8360.
  • Will fit : 1/10 Traxxas Ford GT 4-Tec 2.0 Supercar 83056-4, 4-Tec 3.0 Corvette Stingray 93054-4

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