Arrma 1:8 KRATON / OUTCAST / TALION / KRATON V5 / NOTORIOUS V5 / 1:7 FIRETEAM Aluminum Rear Adjustable Dampers 135mm (Silver Spring) - 1Pr Set Gray Silver

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  • Product Name : Aluminum Rear Adjustable Dampers 135mm (Silver Spring) - 1Pr Set
  • Colorful anodized springs with coil thickness 2.3mm, with high quality stainless steel shock shaft to ensure the dampers can perform its best to achieve a shock resistant performance. The shock shaft is 5mm thick and smoothly polished to achieve higher durability. Silicone oil is filled with smooth travel. These dampers are made stronger than original to allow more stable drive even when you play in a wild way.
  • Accessories included : 18mm Balls-2pcs ; Stainless Steel Cap Head Screw 3x30-2pcs ; 3x7.8x2 Alloy Shim-2pcs ; 3mm Lock Nut-2pcs.
  • Original stock part number : AR330250.
  • Will fit : 1/8 Arrma KRATON 6S (ARA106040), TALION 6S (ARA10648), OUTCAST 6S (ARA106060), KRATON 6S V5 (ARA8608V5), NOTORIOUS 6S V5 (ARA8611V5) ; 1/7 FIRETEAM 6S (ARA7618).

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