Harden Steel #45 Front And Rear Diff Bevel Gear 43T & Pinion Gear 10T For Arrma 1:8 KRATON 6S / TALION 6S / OUTCAST 6S / NOTORIOUS 6S / KRATON 6S V5 / NOTORIOUS 6S V5 / 1:7 INFRACTION 6S / LIMITLESS V2

$76.90 USD
  • Made from harden steel for greater strength and durability.
  • Spiral gear design for smooth and better power transfer.
  • Package includes : Diff bevel gear 43T-2pcs ; Pinion gear 10T-2pcs.
  • Original stock part number : AR310497.
  • Suitable models : Arrma 1/8 KRATON 6S-AR106005/AR106015/AR106018/ARA106040T1, TALION 6S, ELECTRIC TALION 6S-ARA106048, OUTCAST 6S, NOTORIOUS 6S-ARA106044T2, KRATON 6S V5-ARA8608V5, NOTORIOUS 6S V5-ARA8611V5 ; 1/7 INFRACTION 6S-ARA109001, LIMITLESS V2-ARA7116V2.

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