30 different kinds of upgrades sophisticated for Traxxas E Revo 56087-1

GPM Racing is offering 37 different upgrades for the Traxxas E Revo 56087-1. This is an electric powerful monster which you need useful options to strengthen the driving performance.


The featuring products include the wheel hex claw (+6mm) to stabilize the bottom chassis and the wheels & tires of the vehicle, this hex claw is having another design with brake disk ; the magnet body posts mount is very convenient to install to and uninstall from the body shell, the L shape piggy back dampers are helping the car obviously increase the stability and perform a better friction system.  Nevertheless, the differential gears, output gears, spider gears are designed to replace the original due to the power and speed of this vehicles are pretty aggressive ! Front & rear skid plates are made in aluminum and can better protect the Revo !  There are 2 main gears ( 62T / 65T ) to replace the original stock gears! 

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